Friday, October 7, 2011

Is the P.M. inefficient or efficient in serving the Imperialists?

Is the P.M. inefficient or efficient in serving the Imperialists?
Koodankulam anti-nuke activists were sent to the P.M. by the C.M. of T.N. Then why Thangabalu, the President of the TNCC, D.Raja of the C.P.I., Mythreyan.M.P. and Thambidurai.M.P. of the AIADMK, with AISMK leader Sarathkumar M.L.A, joined with Three Bishops and Two Parish Priests accompany the Delegation. It is nothing but a 'Political Ploy". Even the B.J.P. Secretary from TN, one Saravanapperumal was included into the Team. Sp. Uthayakumar who was introduced as the convenor of the Activists Team was suppressed to explain his side, and he also succumbed to that suppression by the Politicians. It semms that He wants to show himself as the convenor. But he came into the movement only some years back. From 1988, the day when Koodankulam Nuke was singed" G.Anton Gomez led a " Koodankulam anti-nuke federation of T..N.& Puduvai". It was guideed by George Fernandez in those days. It organise Big Rallys in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin.

In todays meeting witht the P.M. the arguments placed before him were 'To Halt the work, until the Public of thet area got Convinced". But the P.M. replied that ' The Reactors are yet to Commence". Narayanasamy say,'Only Manitenance work is going on". Nobody replies to his argument. What is there in going "All the way' to Delhi? BUT aNTON Gomez of the Koodankulam Anti-Nuke Federation formed in 1988 straightaway told the P.M. that they are aginst using Nuke for Peaceful purposes and also for Weapon purposes. Anton in his memorandum writes about the ' Indian Military' s Uraniam Enriching" which is for War Purposes". This news coming out in the lat two days is Exposing " the Atomic Power Plants" are going to be used for "Getting Uraniam" for enriching them for the Preparation of Nuclear Weapons". Inthe place of 'Plutonium" Indian Military is now usiong '"Uraniam" for the preparation of Atombombs".

Now the "123 Agreement" with U.S. and the 'Agreements with N.S.G. countries for getting Uraniam" are made as Mockering, since the 'Uraniam" is going to be used for War purpose. Where our P.M. Stands? Either for the preparation of a War? or for his Loyalty to U.S agreement?". Why still Inida is having the Right to maintain the "Secrecy about he Nuke within the Three members namely the P.M, Defence Minister and D.A.E.chairman?". At this stage of " R.T.I." period, why manintaining such a Secrecy?" It may endanger the Soverignity of the Country. Even the Great Sonia Gandhi is not suppossed to know about the Nuke Secrecy" handeld by the P.M and the DAE. So Transparancy is needed in the Nuke Policies.

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