Monday, October 15, 2012

  The Chairperson,
   NHRC, New Delhi.

Respected Sir,
 Sub: Discrimination on caste in the Oriyur Church.

          In Tamilnadu, in Sivakangai district, on 07-10-2012, morning by 10 am, when the Pooja was suppossed to start on the Silver jubilee celeberation of that church, Dalits from the neighbouring villages, who belongs to thr church, raised qns about the dismissal of one Anthony Raj of Odaikaal village who belongs to Devendirakula velalar of the Dalit sect, from being elected to the Priesthood after the study completes for the Priesthood. One such incident happenned in the  same church seven years back. So the Dalits feel that their persons because of being dalits are not allowed to become a Priest in that church. A clas took place on that day and the upper caste Udayar community who dominate in that church filed complaints against the dalts. The discrimination on the basis of Caste within the church is an ongoing affair and on this case we request the Commission to intervene in the matter and render justice to the dalits.-----T.S.S.MANI, District Secretary, PUCL, Chennai, Tamilnadu.
------Complaint  Registered with NHRC. 2804/ 22 / 0 / 2012