Tuesday, December 4, 2012

P.U.C.L.  argument in S.C. on Koodankulam  plant case today

       Koodankulam anti- nuke stir is going on for the last 25 years which was not made to understand by the way of media hike to the issue recently. P.Chidambaram like central ministers are adding fuel to the fire of Pro-nuclear forces by quoting that after 13000 crores was spended the Stir against the plant started in the last one year, which is a total lie. PUCL has already comes out with a small booklet in which it narrates the 25 years struggle and how the peole in large numbers in tens of thousands in every city around Koodankulam including Nellai, Nagarkovil, Tuticorine and Kanyakumari raise up in revolt against this plant at the time of signing for an agrreement between KKNPP and Soviet Union. Now since the case against the plant is in the Supreme court, PUCL joined the fury with its latest arguments of Illegality in establishment of the plant. The argument of PUCL is that this Koodankulam plant is not just constructed by the irregularities of the Rules, but it is illegal to construct such a plant.

              Nagasaila advocate from Chennai who argued for the case of PUCL against this plant in the High court of Madras has come altheway to Delhi fo arguing this case for PUCL. She was elected as the Vice President of PUCL in the State conference of PUCL, but resigned the post since another lawer arguing for a case filed by another group was gunning behind her not to appear in PUCL case armed with some Bar council rules that the Office bearers of an outfit should not be council to the same outfit. By her resignation from PUCL office bearership, she plunged fully for arguing for the case on behalf of PUCL. She is now stationed in Delhi and started argument in the S.C. last week itself. Today her arguments are special.

                  Nagasaila today placed before the Judges in the Supreme court that Koodankulam plant itself is illegal because it has not followed any law or rules placed by the C.R.Z. notification of 1991 and E.I.A. rules of 1994 for the construction of the plant which was lanched by N.P.C.I.L., an independent Industry according to its documents, and which is not an offshoot of D.A.E. Then She placed before the S.C. a new point that Koodankulam nuclear plant is not filling Natural Uranium as in other plants around India, but it is filling Enriched Uranium which is NEW and also dangerous in its Transportation itself. It has beren imported from Russia, and transported to KOODANKULAM through flight and Road which is dangerous in nature.The fuel for five years that is 150 tonnes of Enriched Uranium was filled now, without any E.I.A on the transport of such fuel. That is the mail illegality she argues today. Then about the spent fuel when the govt argues that it is not needed to have a place to protect the Spent fuel now itself, which was the argument in American court 30 years back and now the American court struck that argument says Nagasaila today in the court. Tomorrow she is going to argue the details of the directions of the American court on the Spent fuel protection.

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