Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dalits araise.

Dr.Ambedkar abused by the Kapil siballed Human Development ministry in its NCERT pepared book for the XI Std under the title " Indian Constitution at work" by a cartoon as Ambedkar on a Snail and Kshmiri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru beating him with a Whip.

Under the Cartoon this is written:-

Cartoonist’s impression of the ‘snail’space’ with which the Constitution wasmade. Making of the Constitution took almost three years. Is the cartoonist commenting on this fact? Why do youthink, did the Constituent Assembly take so long to make the Constitution?

The above publication attracts 1989 Sc/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act.Can anyone file a case against the Central Minister Kapil Sibal, P.M.Manmohansing,and the Chairman of NCERT,and also the Cartoonist FOR PUBLISHING THIS UNTOUCHABILITY ACT AND Spreading this among the young ones of the country?

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