Monday, February 25, 2013



Of course as you are telling it is a most crucial subject among the environmentalists and the Fisherfolk of Tamilnadu. But there are some Tamil Nationalists in the supporting forces for Sethu. All Tamil Nationalists are not coming in that way. Anton Gomez, Fatima babu, T.S.S Mani,S.A.Mahesh, Kabadi Maran, Kosumani, Bharathi, Lincoln, Gilbert, and all Fisherfolk leaders, and environmentalists in Tamilnadu who are supporting Tamil Nationalism are opposing the Project with Tooth and Nail, from the beginning. We are categorically telling that Sethu Canal Project should be scrabbed. We attend all Public Hearings held on it and announced there even. Then Karunanidhi send his henchmen to those Public Hearings and try to sabotage them. It happenned in Pudukottai, Ramnad and Thoothukudi. But we ressisted them with the local support from the Fisherfolk and Puthiya Thamizhagam. When we rais ethe qn of Economically non viable, next dat T.R.Balu in his all party meeting including CPI Nallakannu that "though it is economically non Viable it is needed for our Military needs. They want to use the way between Arabic Sea and the Bay of Bengal for their Navy to petrol so that to strengthen the Indo-U.S. agreement to supervise the Indian Ocean which they write in the agreement of 2005. At that time even Deccan Chronicle writes a story with the heading " Delhi-U.S. bid to control Indian Ocean". At that time tehir first concern was LTTE in its vanni belt near the Sea. It means the Tamil Nationality should not be allowed to go sctch free. THIS ASPECT IF NOT UNDERSTOOD BY ANY TAMIL NATIONALIST THERE IS SOME GAP IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF THE  STATE  OF INDIA.

      For us from the beginning the  Study of the EIA of Sethu by the Green Peace International and the Research paper of Late Prof. Sudarshan, HOD of Anthropology in Madras University. Even that study was taken among the masses by the Tamilnadu Science Forum in the Shore of TN and now they support the Project. When CPI also support Sethu, AITUC leader Mahadevan from Mumbai oppose the Project from our stand. We discuss with him at the time of the World Social Forum itself in 2004 Jan. It may be looking that CPI and CPM support Sethu  bacause of their election alliance with the DMK at that time. But why they support even now afetr becoming alliance to AIADMK? Since this Project is a Brain Child of the State of India, to build a southern  Military Block near Indian Ocean to confront any Future Chinese build up in the Ocean and to control the Tamils Rebellion, the Parliamentary left will go ahead witht he Stae's interest. That is the reason when the recently announced TESO, though announced by Karunanidhi which is raelly a brain child of RAW, the Resolution in it declares that either in Mndapam or in Rameswaram Indian Navy should build a base to protect the Fisherfolk. But everybody knows that the Indian Navy forces can't protect the Tamilnadu Fisherfolk. So it is great Military startegy of a War Mongerar.

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